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(On sale until Tuesday 27th July 2021 or until stock lasts)

IMPERIAL MANDARINS $2.99 per kilogram
CELERY $1.99 per bunch
RED CAPSICUMS $2.99 per kilogram
BRUSHED POTATOES $1.49 per kilogram

(On sale until Monday 26th July 2021 or until stock lasts)

Avocadoes 2 for $3.00
Pre-packed 250g Strawberries Punnets 2 for $7.00
Passionfruit Large 2 for $2.00
Kiwi Large 4 for $2.00
Limes 2 for $3.00
Pre-packed Cherry Tomatoes Punnets 2 for $5.00
Pre-packed Medley Mix Tomatoes Punnets 2 for $5.00
Pre-packed Yellow Snacking Tomatoes 2 Punnets for $4.00
Cauliflower 2 for $5.00
Carrots 1kg bag 2 for $3.00

Market Day - 3 Day sales, Fri 23rd - Sun 25th July

NAVEL ORANGES 99 cents per kilogram

Produce specials may differ at our Watson Supaexpress store.

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We're small enough to be selective with our produce, yet large enough to get you a great price. Our produce specials depend only on what's in season and tasting great.