We're small enough to be selective with our produce, yet large enough to get you a great price. Our produce specials depend only on what's in season and tasting great. 


We are taking a short break from our catalogue specials


First and foremost we would like to thank all our customers for being patient with us in the last few weeks. All our stores are struggling to replenish our shelves during this time, due to high volume purchases of a range of products (stockpiling). This has meant that a lot of our customers are missing out on purchasing even the daily essentials and our stores can't keep up with this new buying pattern. This is not fair at all. We have now put in place restrictions on most of our products, so that as many people as possible can still have access to them.

We hope that our customers understand and work with us to support each other through this difficult period.

We will do our best to keep you all informed on what we are doing and when our catalogue will be coming back.