SEEDLESS WATERMELON $1.69 per kilogram
ASPARAGUS 2 bunch for $2 or $1.49 per bunch
AVOCADOS 2 for $3 or $1.99 each
BLUEBERRIES 2 punnets for $5 or $2.99 each
MANGOES 2 for $4 or $2.99 each
STRAWBERRIES 2 for $4 or $2.99 each
PRE-PACKED SAMPARI TOMATOES 2 punnets for $2 or $1.99 per punnet
FLAT MUSHROOMS $5.99 per kilogram
(on sale until Tuesday 22nd October 2019)

LEBANESE CUCUMBERS $1.99 per kilogram
HYDROPONIC LETTUCE  2 for $2 or $1.49 each
(Market Day - 3 Day Sale only specials Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October 2019)

Produce specials may differ at our Watson Supaexpress store.

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