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Supabarn commenced trading in the Canberra City in 1991.

Supabarn is an independent supermarket chain focussed on quality, price and service. We endeavour to buy for our customers the freshest produce, meats and deli products at exceptional prices.

We try and buy locally wherever possible and constantly try to reduce the time it takes to get the product to our stores and ultimately to you our customers.

We never buy poor quality or inferior products to create a price perception. When we put or fresh foods on special, these products are the same high quality products that we normally sell.

Our buying team has just been able to get a great deal on the product; they never compromise on quality.

We do business with many small and local producers of both fresh and grocery products unavailable to the major chains, whilst always maintaining the wide range of major brands at competitive prices.

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The team at Supabarn is representative of the heart and soul of the business. Customers notice when they experience the Supabarn difference and are not afraid to provide the business with that feedback.

Maintaining a high level of quality, experienced and motivated staff is to provide them with an environment that encourages and rewards input, accountability and original thought.

This has been one of the secrets to Supabarn’s growing list of accomplishments.

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Straight from
a farm

We pride ourselves on being able to get your fresh produce from the farm to the store in the shortest possible time. We don’t warehouse fresh produce, we get it delivered to the store the same day that we buy it.

We work with many farmers who are local, to reduce transport times, to ensure the produce for our customers, not only tastes better but lasts longer.